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Ok, @soup, I give up. 

Posting doesn't work half the time -- instead, I get lovely gateway timeouts.

Browsing usually breaks down with similar errors after three or four pages.

I can't post higher-quality images or longer GIFs anymore since I get a 419 (Request entity too large).

Mail notifications have stopped working months ago.

Every now and then, instead of an error message, soup yells at me for breaking the Internet (seriously, it stopped being funny/cute after the first about 100 times).

Commenting throws away my words more often than not.

The mobile app is a joke.

I really tried to make it work, I gave you the benefit of doubt over and over and over, hoping things would get better eventually. They didn't. That said, most of the time we had together was quite fun and lovely. Which makes the current state of matters even sadder. I'm taking a break. Hope you get better soon.
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